About me

The more you live the more you know. I decided to start my brief introduction with this well-known saying for I am an old man. My name is Peter Canter and I am a retired pediatrician. All my life I worked hard, but after I retired I’ve got so much free time that I decided I have to share it with you.

Throughout my whole life I had plenty of various practical cases and situations based on which I formed my current perception of the medicine in general and various specific ways to treat various diseases, both pharmaceutical (like pills and drops) and non-pharmaceutical (exercises, chiropractic etc.), so I can deservedly call myself Aesculapian.

Thus, here in my blog you will get familiarized with my ideas on this complicated subject, which contain a lot of references to the existing medical literature, magazines and Internet publications. So, hope that grumbling of an old person like me can still be of any interest to a younger generation and even do good and be helpful to them.